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My Journey

I am a latina immigrant and settler in these beautiful lands of the Pentlatch and K’ómoks peoples, knows today as the Comox Valley. 10 years ago I moved to Canada from my home country of Brazil. Back there I started my journey in the healing arts, nature-based practices, somatic psychology, and self-development. I received a Bachelors degree in Naturopathy where I was trained in a variety of healing methods including herbalism, floral essences, aromatherapy, somatic psychology, bodywork, mindfulness & meditation, Ayurveda, and others. I learned an integrative and truly wholistic approach to health and wellbeing. For many years I worked as a yoga teacher and integrative health therapist in my community. I immersed myself in the studies of mindfulness and meditation while living in India for a year, and I participated in several workshops, immersions, and retreats of self-development and nature-based practices. 


Throughout my work and studies I became fascinated with the connection between trauma, stress, emotional challenges and the body and health.  We really do experience the world through our bodies! I increasingly felt the need to deepen my studies in trauma and body-oriented psychology. I then went on to the University of British Columbia to pursue a BA degree in Psychology and further along a Masters of Counselling Psychology. 

Today I continue to deepen my studies with ongoing trainings and professional and personal development. I believe it is my duty to do my own personal work, which not only includes a constant commitment to tending to my personal process, but also  being devoted to understanding the complex layers of intersectionality, privilege, colonization and its ongoing treads, and all the systemic structures that deeply affect our experienced reality. 

Approach to Counselling

As an integrative therapist I use a combination of approaches and tools to better suite the needs of each client individually. Independently of which approaches I might use, strong pillars and frameworks that guide my practice are trauma informed, systemic, attachment/relational based, person centred, experiential, somatic based, and land-based (ecopsychology). I also integrate a combination of therapeutic modalities in order to address each persons unique needs and goals in therapy. 


My therapeutic goals are to help clients build emotional and embodied resources, to nurture clarity, inspire authenticity, and encourage connectedness within oneself and each other. It is crucial that my clients feel empowered to make their own choices inside and out of the therapeutic setting. I want to see clients grow in their capacity and develop long-lasting tools. There is a beginning, middle, and end to the counselling process. And I work collaboratively with clients  to make sure that their goals and needs are met throughout the process.


    What you will experience will working with me (to learn more click here):


Hi, I'm Rebeca (she/her/hers)

I'm an experiential, integrative, and somatic Counselling Therapist. What guides my work is the constant recognition that my clients are the experts of their own lives. I understanding that each individual has an innate ability to self-regulate, heal, and feel worthy of experiencing life at its fullest. My role is to help clients strengthen their own resources and capacities, learn ways to feel more present in themselves and life, hold a grounding and accepting space for their process, help them process and integrate painful and meaningful experiences, and support them to regain authorship of their own life stories and experiences. I feel privileged and honoured to witness my clients through their healing, reclaiming of self, and personal discovery.


Formal Education 

  • Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology, University of British Columbia 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of British Columbia 

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences in Naturopathy, Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Sao Paulo-Brazil.

Professional Development and Immersions

  • Foundations of Internal Family Systems, IFS Institute

  • EMDR basic training with Sue Genest (in the process of EMDR certification).

  • EMDR advanced training in complex trauma and dissociation, with Sandra Paulsen.

  • EMDR advanced attachment repair focused training, with April Steel.

  • EMDR advanced training  for First Nations peoples, with Shelley Spear Chief and Sandra Paulsen.

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level I (Trauma Treatment).

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level II (Attachment and Development Injuries).

  • Compassionate Inquiry Training, with Dr. Gabor Maté.

  • Treating Trauma Master Series, at NICABM.

  • Ecotherapy Certification, at Earthbody Institute.

  • Narrative Therapy Certification, at VSNT.

  • Registered Yoga Instructor, 200hr. Sanpoorna yoga in India.

  • Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education Certification, UBC.

  • San’yas Indigenous Cultural Training.

  • SAFER, suicide intervention and prevention.

  • EFT (emotion focused therapy) for couples with Sue Johnson.

  • Advance training in Bach Floral Remedies with Marcia Fernandez.

  • Advance Bodywork and Emotional Anatomy training with Ciadser and Brandon Raynor College.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation intensive immersions (Vipassana and Sachcha Dham).

  • 'We will dance with mountains' with Bayo Akomolafe (cultural and racial in-depth exploration).

  • Cultural somatics and racialized trauma with Resmaa Menakem.


    Along​side my private practice I have years of experience in community agencies, treatment centres, health care            settings, and youth programs .


      Some of my experience has been:

  • Mental Health Clinician at Island Health and Provincial Health Services Authority.

  • Trauma Counsellor at Tsow Tun Le Lum.

  • Mental Health worker at the Looking Glass Residence (residential treatment centre for youth with eating disorders), and other Addictions treatment centres.

  • Assistant Facilitator for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Training (Level 1).

  • Aboriginal youth support worker at Hollyburn Family services.

  • Yoga and mindfulness teacher. 

  • Bodywork assistant instructor with Brandon Raynor college.

  • Integrative health practitioner (working with floral remedies, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, bodywork, and integrative wellness).

  • Group therapy facilitator (i.e, DBT, CBT, Mindfulness, psychoeducational, women's group). 

*I also offer counselling  in Portuguese 

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